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Lebold Mansion

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Master of the House

Owner and proprietor, Joseph Tatner, is a published author, business and technical writer, computer analyst, business and technical consultant, and a professional actor, singer, dancer, director, choreographer, and producer with numerous credits, awards, and wide public recognition. Having worked in four different Ritz-Carlton Hotels, he is dedicated to customer service. His goal for the mansion is to always provide a fun experience with something new to enjoy.


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None of this would be possible without our generous benefactors. In grateful appreciation, we present a few below.

Please support those who have so graciously supported us. Be sure to say "Thank you from the Lebold!"

Penny McDonald: Agent for Shelter Insurance and REALTOR for Reynolds Real Estate & Auction. Amazingly hard working and dedicated. Penny defines customer service, always going above and beyond the call of duty for her clients.

Nanc Scholl: Extremely knowledgeable and supportive Dickinson County Historical Society Board of Trustees member.



Visit the GoFundMe page and make a donation to become an elite Friend of the Lebold.


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