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Fun Stuff to See


Below are just a few examples of things to see at the mansion. In addition to the amazing architecture and working radiators in each room, come see what Professor Lebold is working on now on his desk in the library. He's out on safari somewhere in Asia or Africa, but many artifacts adorn his desk. Learn about the mansion's history and the people who built the town of Abilene, plus interesting facts on American life from 1880 to present.

Amazing Wallpaper

The stunning wallpaper was added to each room by professional Victorian restoration experts Gary Yuschalk and Larkin Mayo to represent different eras and styles. Much of it is quite intricate and hung in the proper historic manner over the plaster walls and on the ceilings. There is more than $750,000 worth of wallpaper throughout the home. 

Original Artwork

This amazing ceiling artwork was commissioned by professional Victorian restoration experts and previous owners Gary Yuschalk and Larkin Mayo. Painted originally on canvas from an original design, the picture depicts Venus surrounded by her heavenly attendants. The painting measures 8 foot by 8 foot and is the only known ceiling painting of its kind in a private home.

Parquet Floors

Beautiful parquet floors of real inlaid wood are found throughout the mansion. Each room without carpet or tile has its own design and unique pattern. The floors of several closets have samples of all the various patterns, to be used to replace any wood areas that might be damaged in the future. The Victorian builders knew how to plan ahead!

The Tatmobile

What’s an 1880’s mansion without a fitting car to go with it? Guaranteed to turn heads, the Zimmer Golden Spirit is definitely such a car. Similar to Cruella DeVil’s automobile in the cartoon and subsequent movies, the car was actually built in 1982 based on a picture Paul Zimmer drew on a napkin. Only 1,500 were produced from 1978 to 1988 and this car is number 250. Fewer than 100 are thought to be drivable in America today.

Hersey Dugout

This was the original home where the first settler baby was born in Kansas. The brick floor was added later. The original floor would have been of dirt that had dried as hard as rock. The solid stone walls lining the room that was dug into the ground is original. The structure is so sturdy, it supports the weight of the entire front part of the mansion, to include the tower that is built directly above it.

Coal Fireplace

The mansion features two coal-burning fireplaces. Unlike charcoal, bituminous coal is a very efficient and extremely clean heating fuel. It burns much longer and hotter than wood in the hearth. On winter evenings, attend the lighting ceremony and enjoy a clean, warm fire.

Quack Medicine

The mansion has an assortment of vintage promotional cards and other paraphernalia related to medicinal "cures" of the time. Surprisingly, medicinal leeches are still in use today, although for different reasons than in the 1800s. For Hallowe'en, visitors received Lebold Leeches (gummy worms). While supplies last, these are still available at the mansion. They taste much better than real leeches!
Step right into Fallout, a tribute to the game from Bethesda Studios. The clock is stopped at 9:47 and the TV has no reception, but what would you expect after the nuclear apocalypse? This room is part of the tour and can be rented for photo shoots by cosplay artists or anyone who loves a good NukaCola. With a little modification, it can serve as a photo location for Zombie Apocalypse photos. Either way, it's a lot of fun!

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