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Room & Reservations

NOTE: The Lebold Mansion is the private residence of celebrity entertainer Joseph Tatner. Although this is not a business, Mr. Tatner does allow overnight guests occasionally at his discretion and requests an appropriate donation to the mansion. Contact Joseph directly for requests and details.

Victorian Splendor Room


This room is currently available and is used as a guest room. The room features a full size Victorian-era bed, nightstand, chair, wardrobe, closet, standing mirror, large area rug, and washbasin stand (for decoration only). The mansion has no en suite bathrooms, but there are two bathrooms down the hall, one featuring a claw foot soaking tub.


Special thanks to Christie who donated the beautiful $6,000 bedroom

set to the mansion! It matches the room colors and decor perfectly!

More information and photos coming soon!

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106 N Vine Street, Abilene, KS 67410

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