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Below you will find Fun Stuff to Buy, Do, See and Know!
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"My goal is to always have something new and fun to see or do at the mansion."

~Joseph Tatner, Owner & Proprietor    

Virtual 3D Tour!

Stroll freely through the mansion on a virtual tour! Click the image to the left to see all the rooms as they were at the time of purchase in 2021, before any furniture or enhancements were added. You can even view each level of the property as a floor plan and use the online tool to take measurements. You can even see the original stone "dugout" upon which the front of the mansion and tower were built. The  first child born as a Kansas resident was delivered in this room. It's the tiny room on the bottom floor with the chest in it (the brick floor was added later).

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106 N Vine Street, Abilene, KS 67410

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